November 13, 2017

This year’s newsletter is full of information so please take the time to read through it.




If your ticket was pulled at the picnic back in September you will be called by Jennifer to choose an appointment date in 2018. For everyone else here is the schedule for making your appointment.


Online scheduling can be done anytime within the dates listed, if you prefer to call or come by the office we are available 9am – 4pm to assist you


Businesses with Shari    December 4th 9am – December 7th 4pm       Online Only


NEW this year all trusts need to make an appointment


Trusts with Shari           December 4th 9am – December 7th 4pm        Online Only


Individuals with Ellen    December 11th 9am – December 14th 4pm    Online, Phone, Come by


Individuals with Shari    January 2nd 9am – January 5th 4pm               Online, Phone, Come by


If you miss your above scheduled time please wait until January 3rd to call the office.




If you or your child will be in college in August of 2018 and Ellen has not yet called you to file the FAFSA forms, please call the office to let us know.


February Appointments


If you have stock investments or you receive K-1’s please DO NOT make an appointment in February as you most likely will not have your tax information until mid-March.


Due Dates


Business returns must be filed by September 17th

Trusts must be filed by October 1st

Individuals must be filed by October 15th


Drop Off Appointments


If you have been told you do not need an actual appointment you are to simply get your tax documents to us when you feel you have received all your information and Ellen will call you to finalize—these appointments are known as Drop Off Appointments.


Office Appointments


All others will have an actual time for their appointment and you can choose whether you want to come in or stay home and have us call you to finalize your return. Either way, be sure to schedule enough time. Your return will need an hour and if you are bringing other returns in addition to yours we need extra time. If your red postcard has a 2-hour sticker on it then we think you need two hours instead of just one. Feel free to call the office right away to discuss how many hours you should schedule.


Appointments after April 15th


We will file the extension forms for all scheduled appointments

If you anticipate owing, you must let us know by April 2nd


Things to review and send


Confirm that your refunds were the amounts requested on last year’s returns

Send us your last few pay stubs of the year

Mail or email original or clear copies of your tax documents

Do NOT fax your tax documents


Payment due at completion


No return will be transmitted to the IRS until payment has been received




Larger than normal returns that require more prep time will incur additional fees


Phone appointments


You can change from an office visit to a phone appointment anytime, there will be an additional fee to cover the shipping charges




Mom and I own several time shares, call or email me with your date(s) and desired destination(s). We can put vacations on a wait list 14 months ahead and reserve 11 months ahead so the sooner you let us know the better the chance of getting the destination you desire.


NRA Classes


If you would like to take a gun safety class give us a call. Rich is a licensed NRA instructor and is certified to teach Basic Pistol, Shotgun and Rifle along with the Personal Protection in the Home class (PPIH). The PPIH class is the required training class needed to apply for your Concealed Pistol License (CPL aka CCW)


We are looking forward to seeing you very soon, in the meantime, enjoy the holidays and may God bless you and yours.




Shari, Sue, Jen, Ellen, Rich and Teri