The Latest Newsletter From The Tax Authority, P.C.

November 5, 2021

Hello to our clients and friends,

Last December, after our appointment calendar was already filled, Congress passed major tax legislation. Then in March of 2021, they passed another bill making even larger changes to the 2020 tax returns. Due to these changes, we stopped appointments in order to back up and fix returns that had already been prepared, but not transmitted. In addition, we had to wait for our tax prep software to get updated before we could proceed. The IRS delayed the tax deadline by a month, but the damage to our schedule was already done and along with every other tax prep firm, we struggled all year to catch up.

We anticipate new tax laws again this season, so in order to improve our turnaround time, we are requiring everyone to schedule an appointment. This will aid us in controlling the flow of work so we can complete your 2021 tax return within an appropriate time frame of your actual appointment. Again, we want to personally thank each and everyone of you for your patience and understanding this past year. There are still many returns that are waiting to be completed and we are working hard to get as many finished as possible before e-filing closes.

To be as clear as possible, there will be NO Drop Off appointments, everyone needs to have an appointment to get their tax return completed. Review the dates below for your first opportunity to make an appointment.


If you or your child will be in college in August of 2022 and Ellen has not yet called you to file the FAFSA forms, please call the office to let us know.


If your ticket was pulled at the picnic back in September you will be called by Jennifer to choose an appointment date in 2022. For everyone else here is the schedule for making your appointment.

Online scheduling can be done anytime within the dates listed, if you prefer to call or come by the office, we are available 9am – 4pm to assist you.

Businesses with Shari December 6th 9am – December 9th 4pm Online Only
Trusts with Shari December 6th 9am – December 9th 4pm Online Only
Individuals with Ellen December 13th 9am – December 16th 4pm Online, Phone, Come by
Individuals with Shari January 3rd 9am – January 4th 4pm Online, Phone, Come by

If you miss your above scheduled time please wait until January 6th to call the office.

Schedule enough time

Most individual returns need a one-hour appointment. If you desire other returns, in addition to yours, they will need an additional appointment. For example, if you have one or two kids that you claim as your dependents, you should schedule a two-hour appointment. If you have grown kids or other family members that you do not claim as dependents, they need to schedule their own separate one-hour appointment. Feel free to call the office right away if you have questions on how many hours you should schedule.

We will not be mailing the red year end reminder and green two-hour postcards. In this electronic age combined with the fact paper mail is slow, they truly seem like a waste of time and money. Every client should know by now the newsletter is on the website by mid-November and most tax appointments are scheduled in December. If we do not have your email address, we will mail a paper copy of this newsletter to you.

Types of Appointments

Scheduled Phone Appt - Stay home and we will do your return with you over the phone. If you have a home computer, we can also share our screen and you'll feel like you are in the office with us.

Not only have many clients enjoyed this relaxing option in the past couple of years, it has also been a benefit when clients need to find additional paperwork, or if the stairs in our office are a problem for them.

Scheduled Office Visit - This is for those who prefer to come into the office

Phone appointments

In 2020 we were forced to do phone appointments and at this time we are still recommending them instead of an office visit. If you schedule an office visit, you can change to a phone appointment at any time; a shipping fee will be added for delivering completed documents to you if not picked up within 2 weeks.

February Appointments

If you have stock investments, investment accounts, or you receive K-1’s, please schedule your appointment in the latter part of March or April, as you most likely will not have your tax information until mid-March.

Schedule enough time

Your return will need an hour appointment. If you are bringing other returns in addition to yours we need extra time. If you received a green 2-hour postcard, then we think you need two hours instead of just one. Feel free to call the office right away to discuss how many hours you should schedule.

Appointments after April 15th

  • We will file the extension forms for all scheduled appointments
  • If you anticipate owing, you must let us know by April 1st so we can start the extension process.

Things to review and documents to send: Do NOT fax your tax documents

NOTE: All your tax information must be in our office two weeks before your appointment, if not, we may need to reschedule you to later in the year.

  • Confirm that your refunds were the amounts requested on last year’s returns
  • Send us your last few pay stubs of the year, W-2’s, banking, unemployment and mortgage documents
  • Ask your financial advisor how to give us online access to your tax documents
  • Send us a list of Advanced Child Payments—amount and date of each payment you received
  • Send annual statements for all your IRA’s

How to send your tax documents

  • Send your documents electronically using our secure online portal—call the office if you need assistance with this
  • Do not attach documents to an email this puts your confidential information at risk
  • If you prefer to use the mail, then send original or clear copies of your tax documents, when sending copies please copy only one document to a page
  • Do NOT fax your tax documents


Larger than normal returns that require more prep time will incur additional fees

Payment due at completion

No return will be transmitted to the IRS until payment has been received

2021 due dates for returns on extension

  • Business returns--September 15th
  • Trust returns--September 30th
  • Individual returns--October 17th

We are looking forward to serving you very soon, in the meantime, enjoy the holidays and may God bless you and yours.


Shari, Sue, Jen, Ellen and Rich