The Latest Newsletter From The Tax Authority, P.C.

November 1, 2020

What a couple of years we have had. 2019 gave us the largest tax law changes since 1986 and 2020 hit us with the Covid virus. I will be happy to turn the page and start a new year. But before that can happen, you need to read this year's newsletter for the latest updates from our office. So please take the time to read through it and mark your calendars for when to make your appointment.


If your ticket was pulled at the picnic back in September you will be called by Jennifer to choose an appointment date in 2021. For everyone else here is the schedule for making your appointment.

Online scheduling can be done anytime within the dates listed, if you prefer to call or come by the office we are available 9am – 4pm to assist you.

Businesses with Shari December 7th 9am – December 10th 4pm Online Only
Trusts with Shari December 7th 9am – December 10th 4pm Online Only
Individuals with Ellen December 14th 9am – December 17th 4pm Online, Phone, Come by
Individuals with Shari January 4th 9am – January 5th 4pm Online, Phone, Come by

If you miss your above scheduled time please wait until January 6th to call the office.


If you or your child will be in college in August of 2021 and Ellen has not yet called you to file the FAFSA forms, please call the office to let us know.

Types of Appointments

Drop Off - If you received a yellow Drop Off postcard, you do not need to schedule an appointment to use this service. Simply get all your documents to us by March 1st in order to be completed before April 15th. No need to call us, we process in the order received and will call you to finalize. If your documents arrive after March 1st, you are not guaranteed completion before April 15th, we will file an extension if needed. If you would prefer to have a regular appointment, then follow the scheduling dates above.

Scheduled Phone Appt - Stay home and do your return over the phone and if you have a home computer we can share our desktop with you so you can see our screen and feel like you are in the office. Many clients enjoyed this relaxing option in 2020

Scheduled Office Visit - This is for those who prefer to come into the office

Phone appointments

Last year we were forced to do phone appointments and at this time we are still recommending them instead of an office visit. If you schedule an office visit, you can change to a phone appointment at any time; a shipping fee will be added for delivering completed documents to you if not picked up within 2 weeks.

February Appointments

If you have stock investments, investment accounts or you receive K-1’s, please DO NOT make an appointment in February as you most likely will not have your tax information until mid-March.

Schedule enough time

Your return will need an hour appointment. If you are bringing other returns in addition to yours we need extra time. If you received a green 2-hour postcard, then we think you need two hours instead of just one. Feel free to call the office right away to discuss how many hours you should schedule.

Due Dates

Business returns must be filed by September 15th
Trusts must be filed by September 30th
Individuals must be filed by October 15th

Appointments after April 15th

We will file the extension forms for all scheduled appointments
If you anticipate owing, you must let us know by April 1st

Things to review and documents to send: Do NOT fax your tax documents

Confirm that your refunds were the amounts requested on last year’s returns
Send us your last few pay stubs of the year, W2, banking, investment, and mortgage documents
Ask your financial advisor how to give us access to print your tax documents
Annual statements for all your IRA's
Mail original or clear copies of your tax documents, one document to a page
Contact us if you would like to use our secure online document transfer portal.


Larger than normal returns that require more prep time will incur additional fees

Payment due at completion

No return will be transmitted to the IRS until payment has been received

We are looking forward to seeing you very soon, in the meantime, enjoy the holidays and may God bless you and yours.


Shari, Sue, Jen, Ellen and Rich
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